PLACE Centre's Vision

November 23, 2022

A different, and better, future is possible for communities across Canada.

Imagine a prosperous zero-emissions economic future for communities across Canada. A future where communities live well; where children can safely play in shaded areas and go to school close to their homes; where seniors can easily get to their doctor, the grocery store, and the bank through accessible public transit; and young people can obtain jobs, afford a home, and start a family.

Across Canada, this vision is emerging and becoming a reality. But it may be challenging to see this vision as more than just a dream for your community. There are lots of questions that make it challenging for Canadians to feel confident in a future where these issues are sufficiently addressed within their own communities and where their livelihoods are thriving.

Yet all Canadians can have the issues that matter most to them sufficiently addressed, and all communities across Canada can advance this vision of a thriving future.

And PLACE is doing work to help support this movement.

Read our Vision Paper to read more about our vision for the future, and what work we're doing to support communities.