Local Clean Growth is Our Goal

Every community deserves to be included in, and benefit from, Canada’s growing clean economy. Communities need more initiatives that address residents’ needs, create good jobs and grow the local economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to a changing climate – all to make life easier, more affordable, and allow the community to thrive. We work with governments, industry, and civil society groups to craft solutions that will advance these livable and sustainable communities, and this cleaner growth that makes our communities more resilient to climate change.

What are Communities Facing?

From a wilder and more intense climate to aging communities and skilled worker shortages to unaffordable housing and increasing food and energy costs, communities are facing significant challenges. These challenges are restricting communities’ ability to lower the cost of living, increase accessibility, create jobs in a world that is reducing emissions, and strengthen their ability to adapt to a changing climate. And no one level of government, industry, or individual can solve these problems on their own.
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How We Help

We work with government, industry, and civil society groups to deeply understand the problems that hold back local clean growth and more livable communities within a given region. We then provide practical solutions that build on the unique strengths of those communities, and where everyone involved has a role in creating a future where their family and neighbours thrive.
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Be part of the solution that grows the clean economy, helps communities flourish, and improves the quality of life in your region.


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How can we create accessible communities that meet the needs of everyone from ages nine to ninety; are affordable for everyone to have a home, heat that home, and put food on the table; and will help Canada meet its climate goals of zero emissions by 2050?
How can every region across the country grow their local economy as the world moves to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and Canada adapts to a changing climate?